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House Framing

Commercial Framing

Vision is to an architect as precision is to HVAC-DMV Group Construction framers. Structural framing is where the architect’s vision takes shape. It is the most important and exciting phases of the commercial construction process. At HVAC-DMV Group Construction , our focus is on accuracy. It is this accuracy that produces a clean, solid structure and allows for a smooth transition to other trades. Our job is to make sure we follow the plans and building codes, execute our framing skill with precision, and provide our highly valued troubleshooting expertise to make unexpected adjustments. Blueprints are not perfect, so our customers respect and rely on our highly seasoned foremen and project managers’ ability to identify and correct plan discrepancies. In this business, safety and logistics are key to maintaining order and meeting production deadlines. Our highly skilled workforce is committed to both. We view framing and jobsite obstacles as opportunities to prove our expertise. All of these attributes help lay the foundation for a highly efficient production process.  HVAC-DMV Group Construction gives you the ability to market your product as the ‘Highest Quality’ in structural framing.